Plato was already a Greek philosopher who lived around 428 B.C. in Athens believed, “The greatest flaw in the treatment of disease is that there are doctors for the body and doctors for the soul, when the two cannot be separated.”

What he is addressing with this statement is the mind-body problem *, according to which body and mind are so inseparably united that they are mutually dependent.
Psychosomatics is the science that deals with the importance of mental processes and their effects on the body.

Physical illnesses are often accompanied by mental illnesses. A person who suffers from migraines can therefore develop anxiety, panic attacks or even depression.
And the other way around, depression can also have physical symptoms.

I speak from my own experience. During my first burnout in 2017, I had extreme back pain. The pain went down to my leg and I clearly had trouble walking. Physiotherapy, a specific back program * and sport did not help me. In the room was the suspicion of a herniated disc. But there was no diagnosis here either. Only when the stress in the body was reduced after about a year did the pain disappear. But even today, my legs get very tired when I’m not feeling well mentally. Then when I think about it, the psyche gets worse and vice versa. A vicious circle.

At least I was able to take something positive out of it. I now know that I often ignore my mind even when it is already sending signals of exhaustion. At the latest when my body starts to hurt or sends warning signals, I should take a little break.

If you also have physical pain but do not know where it comes from, it would be worth considering taking a closer look at your own mental state. Maybe your body wants to tell you that it’s at its limit and wants to recover.

If you are unsure, you should seek professional help.

Leib-Seele-Problem - Beispiel
Leib-Seele-Problem - Beispiel


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