Table of contents of the article series

  1. Introduction
    The first part of this series is generally about skills, where they come from and into which categories they can be classified. There is also a list available for download.
  2. 5 senses or how perception affects us
    The second part of this series deals with the question of how strongly our feelings and thoughts are influenced by our senses and perception and how we can use them effectively for ourselves.
  3. Find the perfect skill
    In the third part of this series, I ask myself whether there is a perfect skill or whether we will always be on the lookout.
  4. My top 10
    In the fourth part of this series, I will go into more detail about my ten favorite skills and put together a top 10 for you.
  5. Emergency kit
    The fifth part of this series goes into more detail about the emergency kit and what exactly it is all about. In addition, I show examples of how to fill such a case.


What is an emergency kit

An emergency kit is synonymous with a set of skills. It doesn’t have to be a suitcase, a box or bag works too. In it you collect everything that can help you in a difficult phase. There are no limits to your imagination and the creation process alone is a great skill.

Such a collection of things that are good for you is not necessarily only useful for mentally ill people. If you have stressful situations in life from time to time or if you are mad at someone, a suitcase like this can certainly help you.

Never create an emergency kit during a dark period. Your thoughts will be clouded and your focus in the wrong place. When you’re feeling a little better, things look different. Then you will be able to fully concentrate on it. There are a number of useful products, but personal items are almost more important. Take a lot of time for this. Such things often arise during therapy, a stay in a clinic or over time.

  • Emergency plan for emergency aid
  • Photos from childhood or from a vacation
  • Pros and cons list
  • Letters from someone close to you
  • The pillars of life (basic needs, work, family, friends, hobbies)


Examples of different emergency kits

An emergency case is always very individually tailored to your needs. Nonetheless, I made a few sample lists for your first suitcase. Maybe the lists will help you and you can get some inspiration. In the best case, you get a feel for what you want in your suitcase. Of course, the lists only contain products that can be purchased and would like to be expanded with your personal things.
At the moment the lists still consist of text links, but these will be displayed even prettier and more appealing in the future.




Anxiety, panic


Stress, Burnout


My own emergency kit

Notfallkoffer - Skills Teil 5 - Skillsbox
Notfallkoffer - Skills Teil 5 - Skillsbox

During my first therapy I created such a box. I will certainly keep this up to date, as I also came across skills during my research that I would like to try out if necessary. But first a list of the contents of my emergency kit.

  • Chocolate bar
  • Can Spezi
  • Liquorice
  • My pillars of life
  • Letters from my wife
  • Sayings from others from group therapy to boost self-esteem
  • Photos
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Medal for a sporting challenge
  • Block to write and draw
  • Flamingo to inflate for the bath
  • The smart book from Mickey Mouse Magazine
  • Hedgehog ball
  • Acupressure ring
  • Manga
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Fidget Spinner
  • Mini magnetic balls
  • Sudoku puzzle
  • Dog Pile puzzle game
  • Gameboy game
  • A Styrofoam Bird You Can Fly (Childhood Memory)


My name is Chris and I created Slowlow Lobster.
I write posts about mental illness. Topics that affect me personally, but also topics that contribute to clarification and the end of stigmatization.