Table of contents of the article series

  1. Introduction
    The first part of this series is generally about skills, where they come from and into which categories they can be classified. There is also a list available for download.
  2. 5 senses or how perception affects us
    The second part of this series deals with the question of how strongly our feelings and thoughts are influenced by our senses and perception and how we can use them effectively for ourselves.
  3. Find the perfect skill
    In the third part of this series, I ask myself whether there is a perfect skill or whether we will always be on the lookout.
  4. My top 10
    In the fourth part of this series, I will go into more detail about my ten favorite skills and put together a top 10 for you.
  5. Emergency kit
    The fifth part of this series goes into more detail about the emergency kit and what exactly it is all about. In addition, I show examples of how to fill such a case.


The perfect skill

What would be the perfect skill and does it even exist?

The perfect skill would easily get you out of any situation. It doesn’t matter how tense you are, the skill would just always work.
For example, everyone would have their own personal magic item… well, then you could also ask yourself why you don’t just conjure yourself up happy again… ok enough fantasy, back to reality.

That all sounds great and there are certainly many people who have found the perfect skills for themselves. Nevertheless, there will unfortunately not be one magic skill that will always and immediately help everyone. But you will most likely find skills that will help you a lot. Depending on the number, there will be several or only very selected ones, which you can simply exchange as required.

But that’s not bad at all, because it keeps you busy with the topic and your illness and that will bring you further forward. You will recognize changes in your behavior and feelings early on and be able to counteract them with the right skill.

Den perfekten Skill finden - Skills Teil 3 - Heidelbeeren, Blaubeeren
Den perfekten Skill finden - Skills Teil 3 - Heidelbeeren, Blaubeeren

Find your skills

In order to find the skills that can help you, you will have to experiment a bit. Find skills lists and get inspired. If you don’t find what you’re looking for right away, don’t give up. Take a short break and try other skills.

If you are new to the topic or need help choosing, then I can recommend the following website to you.

Stress Skills

You can also ask your fellow human beings and maybe you will find different things together that are good for you. It’s often the little things like making a cup of tea or changing your body position that pull you out of the moment.
Take your time and try to listen to your body and mind. It’s best to use a moment when you’re feeling good to be able to concentrate fully on it.

If you have found skills that you feel comfortable with and you can imagine that they can improve your everyday life, then it’s time to practice, practice, practice. Use them as often as you can and in a variety of situations. This is the only way you will become an expert in it and at some point it will be enough for you to only think about your skill and already get positive thoughts.

Create your own skills list and always have it at hand. You can also print them out and hang them up in your apartment or room. Such a list would also fit very well in your emergency kit, but more on that later in this series of articles.


My name is Chris and I created Slowlow Lobster.
I write posts about mental illness. Topics that affect me personally, but also topics that contribute to clarification and the end of stigmatization.