Thank you Lara for your trust and courage.

Trigger Warning

I’m Lara and I’m 28 years old.
It is the first time for me to present a report about myself and my life with ADHD.

It all started in 2017. I proudly started my training as a dental assistant (ZFA) after I had imitated my FOR at the evening school with a good average of 3.

In the first year of training everything was still going great. Everyone knew that I have ADHD and that I learn differently accordingly, so I was super trained according to my needs and abilities. I started to develop independence, in my own way!

Unfortunately, in the second year of my apprenticeship, my life began to crumble a lot. Two new trainees were hired (which is also normal!). But unfortunately I fell by the wayside so much that after my summer vacation I only went to work with a stomach ache. 365 days ago, work was my second home, I always enjoyed going to work!

This was followed by a change of medication (I used to be super on Medikinet and today in 2021 I’m taking it again and I’m doing great, otherwise writing long texts would also be impossible). I then had to take Elvanse Adult on the advice of my doctor at the time and after years of testing around I never found the right dosage for me.

Then I no longer felt comfortable with the neurologist who specialized in ADHD and switched to a new practice. At first I went to an older doctor and got my old medication Medikinet back. I was super happy about that. But luck didn’t last long. After only 3 appointments, my doctor fell ill and since Medikinet falls under BTM, not every doctor is qualified to prescribe it. Many do not want to take responsibility for this (which I can understand).

Then I came to the “representative doctor”. My current neurologist! And since August 22nd, 2019 I am in AU. I was then put on antidepressants several times as she diagnosed me with depression. So my feeling was confirmed. It was a great relief not to have to go to work anymore.
The first few weeks went ok. The big disadvantage was that I had to live without Medikinet (ADHD concentration drug) the whole time. At some point, unfortunately, I unknowingly developed a pill addiction and eventually ended up in an open psychiatric ward. I have to mention at this point that I have been on the ADHD ambulance waiting list for seven years! And in all those years nothing had developed except my telephone phobia.

The antidepressants were completely and slowly discontinued and I was given an appointment in the ADHD outpatient clinic during the discharge interview!! There I had to go through an extensive diagnostic again. During this time we moved to my old city where we feel very comfortable.
Then at some point it was time for outpatient rehabilitation, which was very good for me mentally and physically. I was dismissed as unable to work and it also took me a good 2 months to work out my structured everyday life from scratch. I’m not ashamed of myself anymore either. I am completely off antidepressants and sleep meds. Write a diary regularly when I need it to clean up my brain. That’s good for me. Photography has become my hobby and blogging on my Instagram profile. I have been in a happy relationship with my boyfriend and dog for eight years.

It was not easy for me to open my soul in this way and that is why I did not dare to write before.
Life gives us chances that we should use.

Kind regards, Lara

Mein Leben mit der Diagnose ADHS und Depression - Lara glücklich im Wald
Mein Leben mit der Diagnose ADHS und Depression - Lara glücklich im Wald

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